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Emotional Intelligence Leadership Assessments

There is a direct link between how people feel and their performance at work. Genos International uses neuroscience and emotional intelligence to help leaders better relate to, influence and inspire others. The result is productivity and higher performance combined with a more positive and healthier workplace culture.

Studies reveal that emotional intelligence is the most important factor that ensures high performance and employee engagement in leadership. Organizations with emotionally intelligent leaders achieve a sustainable competitive advantage, high performance culture and customer loyalty.

Our Leadership assessment and feedback report reveal how well a leader demonstrates emotional intelligence abilities in their behavior, how important it is to their cultivating peers, anonymous comments about themselves, and how they measure up to other leaders around the world.

Genos International has been winning the Training Industry's Best Evaluation and Measurement Company award every year since 2017. Human Works by Cem Atat has the authority to apply and authorize the permissions of these solutions. You can request a sample report filling out the form below.

Workplace Behaviours Assessments

Who wouldn't want a higher level of emotional intelligence? Research has found that high levels of emotional intelligence is a main factor in increasing career success, mental health, relationship building, humor, and happiness. The richness of displayed emotional intelligence is also the best antidote to work stress and building your personal persistence.

Displaying expressive intelligence more effectively not only helps people be more productive, but also shapes their personal skills and helps them become better spouses, siblings, parents, colleagues and friends.

We give organizations the ability to work with various groups of emotional intelligence. From raising agile leaders to getting through the millennial workforce to helping individuals become more cartels. Genos emotional intelligence assessments, running the lives of our workforce.

See how much you've demonstrated your emotional intelligence in your life, how important this display is to all of you, and written feedback with the Workplace Behavior Measurement Tool and Report.

Emotionally Intelligent Sales Professionals Assessment 

Assessment for Selection and Hiring